Tomas, Ireland

Tomas has been driving an EV for a number of years and although he is happy with his Nissan Leaf he admits that the range is limited. His considerations when choosing the vehicle included lower vehicle running and maintenance costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Tomas’ average daily commute is 90km and at weekends around 30km for grocery shopping. He adds that longer journeys can take more planning due to the infancy of the public charging network and says long journeys can be painful particularly if there is only one spot at a charging station.

Reflecting on his cost savings, Tomas has calculated making a saving of between 1200 & 1600 a year on fuel costs or between 6 & 8 euro per day.

Asked what advice he might offer to motorists considering the move to electric, Tomas advises drivers to be aware of the realistic range and charging speeds of the various options. Furthermore Tomas explains that without access to a private parking space and home-charging facilities he would advise against making the switch.