Electric Vehicle Fleet Ownership

Commercial electric vehicles offer significant financial and operational benefits for businesses across the UK and Ireland. Business and fleet owners can save thousands of pounds  due to reduced fuel costs, government grants and incentives, reduced vehicle repair and maintenance costs.

With reduced emissions businesses can also improve their green credentials through the use of electric vehicles and this will also have the added benefit of generating goodwill and positive PR for the business among customers and employees.

Fleet owners who have transitioned to using electric vehicles have also reported an increased productivity as vehicles can be refuelled on-site if the appropriate charging infrastructure is put in place with a number of government schemes already in place to support this investment.

In the UK switch to an electric fleet can save further money for businesses as they incur reduced national insurance contributions and the government has reduced the tax implications for employees as the benefit-in-kind (BIK) taxes for their vehicles have been reduced to 0%.

Is your business ready to make the switch? Check out these case studies to find out how some well-known names have added EVs to their fleets.