Benefits of Electric Car Ownership

Electric vehicles offer a number of regularly cited benefits over conventional petrol and diesel powered models. The viability of EVs is increasing on an almost daily basis as manufacturers across the globe are investing billions to streamline vehicle research and development while the growing number of vehicles on the market is reducing costs to the driver.


Lower Running Costs

Electric Cars are much cheaper to run than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Based on a number of assumptions including the price of electricity per kWh and the capacity of the vehicle, to travel 100 miles would cost around £4 or 4p per mile. It would cost approximately £9 to travel the same distance in a petrol car. Depending on your home electric tariff and the time of day you are charging, the cost could be even lower. The costs of charging on a public network are higher than charging at home, but still considerably lower than the cost of petrol or diesel.

Battery Electric Cars also benefit from zero road tax (€120 in Republic of Ireland) and some plug-in hybrid models receive an annual discount.

Battery Electric Vehicles have been designed to be as efficient as possible and with fewer major components there is considerably less wear and tear which in turns means that vehicles require less maintenance and servicing than their ICE counterparts.

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On the Road Performance

Electric Vehicles offer better on-the-road performance in terms of power, torque and acceleration. Their road handling is better too as they have a low centre of gravity with the batteries mounted in the chassis.


Electric Vehicles are commonly equipped with the latest technology to improve the driving experience and value for money offering for customers. Standard features will often include regenerative braking, pre-conditioning, heated and cooled seats and steering wheel, charger timing and remote access which will allow drivers to check on their vehicle’s status from their mobile phone or computer.

Environmentally Friendly Driving

Battery Electric Vehicles and Plug In Hybrid Vehicles when driven in electric mode produce zero tail pipe emissions making them a better choice for the environment. The reduction in emissions is mainly as a result of the improved energy efficiency of the vehicle.

However charging the vehicle does result in increased emissions as emissions are produced during the generation of electricity to power the vehicles, but the amount of emissions will depend on the method of electricity generation. Emissions need to be considered on the full life cycle basis.

The life time emissions of an EV are estimated to be around three times lower than those of an average new ICE vehicle and this will improve as the electricity grid becomes greener.


One of the major benefits of Battery Electric and Plug In Hybrid Vehicles is that they can be recharged at home. The vast majority of cars are parked overnight when the unit price of electricity is lower. Drivers can plug-in and recharge overnight giving them sufficient energy for their journey the following day removing the need to make a detour to a petrol station. Using a 7Kw home charger most vehicles can charge in 5 – 10 hours.

Resale Value

The market for second hand electric vehicles is growing considerably as customers become familiar with the technology. Electric Vehicles hold a larger percentage of their value as a result of their on – board technology, reduced running and maintenance costs while second hand Electric Vehicles are considered a great affordable alternative for those who want to make the switch but can’t afford a brand new vehicle.