Gerard, Fermanagh

Gerard a Fermanagh based waiter is a long time EV driver and has owned three Renault Zoe models. Among the motivating factors for switching to an electric vehicle, Gerard lists the running cost, health benefits and technology as being key to his decision making. Reflecting on some of the additional benefits of the vehicle, Gerard adds that the home charging capabilities, low refuelling costs, and the vehicle’s responsiveness and quietness are all benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

Describing his journeys as effortless, quiet and relaxing, Gerard’s concerns centre on the public charging infrastructure which he believes is starting to show its age and he also mentions that some manufacturers are not able to keep pace with the demand for spare parts which can result in frustrating delays to repairs.

In terms of the advice he would give to fellow motorists considering an electric vehicle, Gerard advises owners to install a home charger, take test drives and to study the pros and cons of each car before making their purchase decision. In summing up his thoughts he adds that while the cars themselves are game changing, the supporting infrastructure needs to catch up.