Dundee Taxi Rentals

Dundee Taxi Rentals is one of the private industry operators that has been instrumental in continuing the efforts to decarbonise transport systems in Dundee. The city and its adoption of Electric Vehicle systems and infrastructure has been considered as a shining example for other UK and European cities to emulate. Dundee Taxi Rentals has invested in 13 Battery Electric Vehicles for its fleet and the FASTER Project team recently caught up with Ryan Todd, owner to discuss his thoughts and experience.

‘Public opinion and reality are still miles apart with most underestimating the capability of current generation vehicles.’

  • 1.

    How did you engage with stakeholders as part of the vehicle electrification process?

    Faster Project

    Promoting change among drivers and encouraging them to think differently about the top and bottom lines and many had never considered the fuel cost savings to be significant. This applies to date, but the costs of charging are rapidly increasing.

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    Has the vehicle electrification programme met your expectations?

    Faster Project

    This is a complex question. In many ways yes, but it is a constantly changing landscape. I would consider that 2021 was the tipping point in mass electric vehicle uptake and so subsidies for EV purchase and charging are rapidly disappearing. The commercial users who heavily promoted electrification over the past few years are being forgotten about and there is no regard for our future, eg higher tarriffs for rapid charger usage.

‘Dundee Taxi Rentals provides discounted charging rates at company owned chargers and has installed chargers at drivers homes where possible’