Davin, Derry

Davin is an IT Engineer, a father of two children and lives in Derry. He has been an electric vehicle driver for less than one year and considers his current vehicle, the Kia Soul EV 1st edition to be very efficient. Running cost, environmental benefits, health benefits and technology were among the factors which influenced Davin’s switch to the electric vehicle.

Since changing to the Kia Soul EV, Davin has calculated a weekly cost saving of £30 and he travels on average 20 miles per journey. Davin considers that the running costs and being ‘cleaner to run’ are among the key benefits of the vehicle however feels that the lack of rapid charging infrastructure in Northern Ireland is a challenge.

When asked about the advice he would offer to those considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, Davin advises that motorists choose a vehicle with the largest battery that they can afford and to install home charging facilities where possible.