Industry News 16th March 2022

As calls are made for the Scottish hospitality industry to gear up their support for EV drivers, the UK government has announced a two year extension to grants for plug-in vans and trucks. Check out some of the industry headlines that caught our attention this week.

UK’s plug-in van and truck grant scheme extended

The Department for Transport has announced a two-year extension to the plug-in van and truck schemes ensuring that the schemes will run to 24/25 amid concerns over fuel price hikes. 26.000 vehicle purchases have been supported under the scheme to date, but moving forward only fully electric vans will be eligible for support.

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Nissan to electrify Irish football with support for FAI

Nissan is set to electrify Irish football, on and off the pitch, by supplying a new fleet of electric vehicles to help the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) grow the game at all levels and to develop a new generation of young Irish footballers, including international players.

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Scottish hospitality urged to increase their support for EV drivers

The Electric Vehicle Association of Scotland has called on hoteliers, B&B owners, restaurateurs, self-catering and leisure business owners to equip themselves with comprehensive vehicle charging infrastructure to meet future demand from guests. With the increase in the number of electric vehicles on Scottish roads, the EVA Scotland has said that EV charging facilities will be more of an attraction to visitors than swimming pools and Spa treatments.

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Ford and Volkswagen deepen their e-mobility collaboration

Following announcement of plans to accelerate their e-mobility operations it has been revealed that Ford will produce a second electric car for the European market using the Volkswagen platform and will be based on the popular VW I.D.4 model which was released to much fanfare in 2021 and continues to be one of the most popular electric vehicles with motorists across Europe.

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Skills shortages result in calls for increased specialist EV garages across the UK

Car warranty firm and the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) have issued calls for an increase in specialist EV garages across the UK as skills requirements are failing to keep pace with the rate of electric vehicle production and sales. The government have been asked to pledge £15 million to address the skills gap to ensure the transition to electric vehicles by 2030 remains on track.

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