195 new Electric Vehicle Registrations recorded in the Republic of Ireland during November

According to new monthly figures released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) sales of electric vehicles in the Republic of Ireland have continued to grow during November 2021. A total of 195 new vehicle registrations were recorded which compares to just 61 in November 2020 – an increase of 219.7%.

A total of 8,533 new electric vehicles have been registered in Ireland so far this year, up 117% on those registered over the same period last year. Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrids and Hybrids have increased their market share which now stands at 31.62% (Battery Electric Vehicles 8.16%)

Commenting on the figures and calling for continued support for the electric vehicle market, Brian Cooke, SIMI Director General said:

‘The most positive aspect of the new car market is the ongoing growth in the electric car segment, with a further increase in EV sales anticipated next year. Notwithstanding this, we are still in the early stages of de-carbonising the national fleet and we have a very long way to go to get close to the targets in the Climate Action Plan. In this context, we need to continue year on year growth in EV sales, which in turn will kick start an active used EV market. In order to achieve this, we must both extend the EV supports until there is a critical mass of these cars to create a viable used car market, and implement a tax strategy that supports a much stronger new car market.’

Donal Monaghan, FASTER Project officer added:

‘The figures announced this week by SIMI reflect a positive an continuing trend towards greater market acceptance of Electric Vehicles and the role they can play in our transport decarbonisation efforts. Electric Vehicles are increasingly being seen as a valid alternative to traditional petrol and diesel engine vehicles and with continued support for EV drivers and investment in supporting infrastructure we expect to see a continued increase in new electric vehicle registrations over the coming months and years.’

The Volkswagen ID.3 was the most popular Battery Electric Vehicle in Ireland during November followed closely by Peugeot 2008 and Volkswagen ID.4. Toyota continues to lead the market in the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid sectors with sales of its Corolla, Yaris Crossover and C-HR models.

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