Elinor, Fife

Elinor is a clinical lecturer at the University of Dundee and lives with her husband in Fife. She has been driving an electric vehicle for the past 6 years and although she says she loves most things about her Nissan Leaf, she is now looking to upgrade to an EV with greater range.

Elinor’s choice of driving an electric vehicle was influenced by advice from family and friends and the environmental benefits associated with EVs. She uses her vehicle to commute to work each day with a 32 mile round trip and describes the Nissan Leaf as relaxing, fun to drive and helps her reduce her carbon footprint.

One of the challenges that Elinor has discussed is that public chargers are often blocked by non-EV drivers or plug-in hybrid users. Living close to Dundee she believes that the charging infrastructure in the city in fantastic and hopes to see other cities replicate this.

Offering some words of advice to potential electric vehicle drivers Elinor suggests taking a test drive as soon as you can and check out where your local charging points are online and that drivers could be surprised as there are more charging points available than non-ev users might think.