Denise, Drogheda

Denise a graphic designer from Drogheda in County Louth made the switch to an electric vehicle in 2020 and was motivated to do so by the running costs associated with EVs. She loves her Hyundai Ioniq describing it as ‘a nice smooth car and very comfortable.’

Reflecting on how owning an electric vehicle is a different experience to a traditional petrol or diesel powered vehicle, Denise explains that it took her a while to get the hang of the range the car could do. During the week she uses her car to get to work and to drop her son at his place of work. Other regular trips including going to the gym and shopping, while at the weekends she travels between Drogheda, Navan and Dublin. Denise estimates that she drives an average of 400 to 600km each week and that over a five year term she will make savings of up to €4,200 over the cost of her previous vehicle a Hyundai Tucson which she spent €100 fuelling on a weekly basis.

Denise reflects that changing to the Hyundai Ioniq has been a very positive experience for her primarily due to the range capabilities of the vehicle. She recommends that anyone considering the move to electric not to choose a vehicle with a range capacity less than 300km on a single charge and adds that drivers should carefully consider what range the vehicle can achieve before making the purchase, saying that if the manufacturer claims that the car will do 300km you should expect to get about 50km less.