Marketing Soundings Exercise Launched

Market Soundings Exercise for the provision of Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure along the border counties in Ireland [NOTICE]

Please note that this exercise is preliminary to any procurement exercise that may be undertaken following this process


Louth County Council (LCC) is inviting feedback from interested parties who wish to be considered to participate in market consultation interviews. The purpose of the interview is to inform the proposed delivery strategy for the FASTER Project, including the intended scope of service, specifications, risk allocation, pricing models and procurement timetable.

LCC invites interested parties to experience their interest in attending an interview by submitting the FASTER Market Consultation Response Document by the nominated response deadline included within. Information gathered during market consultation interviews may be used to guide the development of the procurement and contract strategy.

LCC will conduct interviews with selected respondents. The interviews will focus on the topics and questions outlined in a questionnaire that will be provided to selected participants in advance of the interviews. Participants in the market consultation may be invited to provide further information at LCC’s sole discretion.

Any expenditure or effort undertaken by organisations or service providers in responding to this consultation is a matter solely for themselves and costs will not be reimbursed.

It is emphasised that this is not a call for competition and therefore no tender documents are available. Following this market consultation, LCC may publish a call for competition in due course. Any future competitions will be subject to appropriate advertisement via the official journal of the European Union (OJEU) and on

To participate in the Market Soundings Exercise and access the required documentation please visit

Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU)