Industry News 9th May 2022

As VW announces that it has sold out of electric vehicles in both the US and European markets and further deliveries will not take place until 2023, the UK records the highest number of charge points installed in a single month. The Irish Government has opened a public consultation on its draft EV charging infrastructure strategy and a new survey reals that the majority of disabled drivers are planning to switch to electric vehicles but concerns remain over accessible infrastructure.

VW sells out of Electric Vehicles in the United States and Europe

Volkswagen, the world’s second-largest electric vehicle manufacturer by volume has revealed that following sales of 99,000 electric vehicles worldwide in the first quarter of 2022, it has sold out of battery powered vehicles in the US and Europe due to a shortage of semiconductors and wiring harnesses made in Ukraine. Customers placing orders for the group’s Porsche, Audi, Skoda and VW brands will not now have their models delivered before 2023

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DPD to add a further 1,000 EVs to its UK fleet

Parcel delivery firm DPD has ordered 1,000 E-Transit vans from Ford, increasing its electric vehicle fleet in the UK to more than 2,300. The company has purchased the 3.5 ton, 135 kWh version and is scheduled to take delivery of the first vehicles this May. The vans will operate across the UK.

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Enough raw materials for 14 million global EVs in 2023

A study carried out by Transport and Environment (T&E) has revealed that there is enough lithium and nickel supplies available to produce 14 million electric cars in 2023, even without Russian supplies. The study has called on Europe’s policymakers to do more to shore up supply of sustainably sourced clear-energy metals. The study also revealed that even if raw material supplies tighten by 2025, 25 million battery electric vehicles could still be produced.

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Record number of charge points installed in April

Market analysis carried out by Zap-Map reveals that a total of 1,210 new charging devices were installed across the UK during April. Over the past 12 months the number of ultra-rapid charging devices available across the UK has jumped by 74%. 259 of the devices installed during April were rapid or ulta-rapid, capable of adding 70 miles of charge in as little as 15 minutes.

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Public invited to have their say on new national EV charging infrastructure strategy

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has launched an online public consultation on the department’s EV Charging Infrastructure Strategy. The strategy published recently sets out the government’s ambition to deliver an EV public charging network capable of supporting 194,000 electric cars and vans by the middle of the decade.

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Disabled drivers plan to make the switch to electric vehicles

Research conducted by UK Power Networks and Motability reveals that as many as two thirds of disabled drivers are considering switching to an electric vehicle within the next decade, however accessible infrastructure could be a stumbling block as 71% of those surveyed responded that the lack of such infrastructure was the main reason why they had not yet made the move.

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