Industry News 28th March 2022

The UK government announces a £1.6 billion EV infrastructure strategy to support the 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel engine vehicles, Nissan focuses on EV in Europe, Irish government confirm €63 million awarded in purchase subsidies and the first zero emission electric buses take to the roads in Northern Ireland, here are just a few of the stories making the news from the past week.

UK Government unveils EV infrastructure plans

The UK Government has unveiled its £1.6 billion Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy which included plans to install 300,000 public EV charge points by 2030. £450 million will be made available to local authorities to accelerate the roll out of EV hubs and on-street charging whilst the existing £950 million Rapid Charging fund will support roll out of at least 6,000 high powered super-fast chargepoints acrorss England’s motorways by 2035.

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Industry reactions to government EV infrastructure plans

Despite government plans to install 300,000 chargepoints across the UK by 2030, industry groups are questioning whether the targets are ambitious enough and whether funding to support the transition to EV use is being allocated in the most effective way.

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SEAI announce County Winners of Inaugural Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards

Recognising and rewarding excellence in the promotion and sales of electric vehicles in Ireland, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has announced the winners of its inaugural EV Dealership Awards. Over 116 applications from across 25 counties were received with applicants scored through a mystery shopping exercise.

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€63 million paid out in Electric Vehicle grants in 2021

The Irish Government spent €63 million on grands for electric vehicles in 2021. A total of 13,412 EV grants were issued with an average award of €4,705. The top grants were towards purchases of the VW ID3 & ID4, Kia Niro, Nissan Leaf and BMW X5.

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Nissan to focus on electric vehicles in Europe

Japanese auto maker Nissan has announced that it was introduce new passenger care in Europe only with partially or fully electric drives from 2023. The company expects 75% of its new charge in the region to by electric by 2026 with a 100% target by the end of the decade. The company plans to offer six electrified models in the near future with three hybrids and three battery electric cars.

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Tesla Model 3 vehicle of choice for Scottish Ministers

Figures published by the Scottish government reveal a fleet of 28 ministerial vehicles used for official government business which included 10 Tesla Model 3s registers in 2020 or 2021.

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First zero-emission buses to hit the roads in Northern Ireland

The first electric buses will take to the roads of Belfast today as Translink will roll out 100 of the vehicles over the coming months. The investment valued at £74 million will include 77 battery electric and 23 hydrogen buses will form approx. one third of the Belfast fleet by this summer.

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