Industry News 25th April 2022

A new study has revealed which electric cars offer the greatest potential savings for drivers, Honda announces plans to invest in 30 electric models before 2030, Mercedes EV achieves 1,000 km+ on a single charge and insurance price remains a key barrier for young people accessing electric vehicles, we look at some of the big headlines from the past few weeks.


New study identifies savings to be achieved with leading EVs

A new study completed by LV= and Dr Euan McTurk of Plug Life Consulting reveals that all 13 electric cars examined were cheaper to run over a period of seven years than their fuel equivalents. Three of the cars work out cheaper whether bought outright, leased or purchased via PCP. Seven of the cars were revealed to be cheaper across a four year lease agreement and four were more cost effective over a 3 year PCP term.

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Honda planning €60 billion EV research and development investment

Japanese auto giant Honda has revealed plans to spend nearly €60 billion on research and development with a view to producing 30 electric vehicles by 2030. The company has already made moves in the electric market with the all-electric Honda E and under the news plans will establish a dedicated EV production line in North America.

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Mercedes EV completes 1,000km journey on single charge

Mercedes-Benz is planning to produce electric cars which consume as little at 10kwh of energy per 100km according to its Chief Technology Officer. Following a successful test drive of its EQXX prototype which achieved more than 1000km on a single charge, the company said efficient design would be key to maximising the car’s electric range.

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Insurance prices deter younger drivers from choosing electric vehicles has revealed that the cheapest insurance prices for electric vehicles is £1,802 per year for young drivers. The FairCharge campaign is calling for younger drivers to be able to access premiums capped at £70 per month to ensure that EVs are an option for those motorists most conscious about the environment and have a strong understanding of the technology.

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Hertz and Polestar announced partnership to accelerate EV adoption

Hertz will purchase up to 65,000 electric vehicles over the next five years in a new global partnership with Polestar. The new vehicles will begin to be delivered in Europe this Spring with deliveries in North America and Australia following later in the year. The partnership will ensure that Hertz can offer its customers one of the largest EV rental fleets in the world.

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Increased demand for electric and hybrid taxis

Multi-mobility app Free Now has revealed an increase in demand from its customers for hybrid and electric taxis. Customers can choose more sustainable vehicle options at no extra cost with demand growing by 600% over the past year. Free Now plan to have half of all vehicles be fully electric by 2025, adding over 600EVs to its fleet in the past 12 months.

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Fully Charged tests out two Game Changing electric car technologies

Ahead of Fully Charged Live taking place from 29th April to 1st May, the Fully Charged team have visited Oslo to look at two new technologies which could revolutionise the EV charging experience, battery swapping and wireless charging

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ZipCharge reveals the GoHub, a portable electric vehicle charging solution

ZipCharge has revealed the details for its new portable EV charging solution that will allow chargers to be deploed at any location. GoHub will contain either five or ten of ZipCharge’s portable chargers that can be rented 24 hours a day and will boost the deployment of EV charging facilities in more rural areas that are currently underserved.

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