How Many EV Charging Points Are there in the UK? A Stats-Driven Guide

Anyone who owns an electric vehicle (EV) can tell you how important it is to know where your next charging point is, no matter where you are on the road. What’s more, it’s just as handy to know which points are most easily reachable and accessible from your home or place of work.

Having a strong understanding of this will do wonders in any ongoing battles with ‘range anxiety’ – the name given to the feeling of unease some EV drivers feel when they aren’t sure when their next charging opportunity will present itself.

Our friends at Autotrader have produced a stats driven guide which in addition to offering a comprehensive map of the current charge point provision across the UK, explores the rise in EV charging points, identifies how quickly different charging points will charge your electric vehicle, examines the popularity of electric vehicles and discusses consumer attitudes and trends over the past decade.

Some of the stats covered within the report include:

  • Since 2015 the number of public charging devices in the UK has grown by 43% year-on-year
  • In the uK 56.7% of EV charging points are classed as Fast, meaning that they will fully charge a Tesla Model S in between 5 & 11 hours
  • In October 2021 electric vehicles held a 23.1% share of the new vehicle market as opposed to just 13.3% in April that same year

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The total distribution of UK EV charging points per Autotrader

The total distribution of UK EV charging points per Autotrader