From entry level to enhanced electric vehicles, what to look out for in 2022

The era of electric cars isn’t coming; it’s already here. Though they still make up a small portion of the new car market, EVs are where the action is when it comes to the exciting realms of vehicular development. No longer are they battery-powered compliance cars or subcompact shuttles; today’s electric vehicles come in a broad range of sizes, shapes and prices. It is safe to say electric vehicles are now in the mainstream. 2021 was a record year for EV sales, with more vehicles registered last year than in the previous five combined. Last year produced an influx of major new models from the world’s biggest manufacturers, despite the industry wrestling with worldwide supply and semiconductor issues.

For 2022 we’ve put together this roundup of the EVs that have us most excited. You won’t find plug-in hybrids or hydrogen-powered fuel cell cars or anything like that here; we’re just talking about pure electric vehicles! It’s a real sign of progress that picking 7 electric vehicles to watch out for in 2022 has proven so difficult. Just a few years back ago it would be a struggle to list 7 new electric vehicles on sale in a 12-month period: now it’s incredibly hard to narrow the list to just 7.


1. FIAT 500

You’ll notice that there aren’t too many EVs at the more affordable end of the spectrum, but an exception is the latest Fiat 500. It’s a car many of us will be familiar with, though this new electric model isn’t anything like the regular petrol model when it comes to the way it drives and the on-board technology. It’s the best car we’ve seen from Fiat in years, while still retaining all of the 500’s charm and style that’s allowed it to be so popular over the years. With prices starting from £23,835, and a range of up to 199 miles on offer, this electric city car certainly has plenty to offer.

2.BMW i4

BMW is dramatically scaling up its EV range and one of its latest options is the i4. Pitched directly against the Tesla Model 3, it’s the firm’s first electric saloon, and seriously impresses with its sporty driving experience, upmarket interior and generous electric range of up to 365 miles. With a hotter M50 model also offered, the i4 is a model that really shows BMW’s intent with electric cars, and it’s certainly going to be an exciting future ahead.


Electric cars are nothing new for Nissan: it launched the Leaf back in 2010, and the electric hatch is currently in its second generation. So the Ariya that arrives this year feels like one of those long overdue film sequels that should have been made years ago.

The Ariya will be offered with two battery sizes (62kWh and 87kWh), with the top e-4orce (that’s Nissan’s weird name for its all-wheel-drive performance model) producing 389bhp. Prices start from £41,845, rising to £53,790 for that e-4orce model.


The ID 5 is based on the smaller ID 4 and retains most of the model’s mechanicals. Entry-level models will start from £47,000 with a choice of 172bhp and 201bhp electric motors.  One of the benefits of the new body style is slightly improved aerodynamics, which has increased the car’s maximum range compared with the ID.4 – albeit only slightly. Volkswagen has also launched a new version of its MEB software on the ID.5, which not only adds more functions and improves the car’s travel assist system, but also increases the maximum charging capability to 135kW DC compared with 120kW systems in earlier versions of the ID.3 and ID.4. This means the ID.5 can charge to 80 per cent capacity in 26 minutes, which is nine minutes faster than its siblings. Volkswagen will soon roll out this improvement across the rest of the ID. range, too.

5. KIA EV6

Kia (and sister brand Hyundai) are coming out swinging with new electric cars, launching the first in a volley of EVs built on their new Electric-Global Modular Platform. The Hyundai Ioniq’s retro-modern design certainly draws in eyes, but we’re more excited for the EV6, which not only offers
versions for everyday folks with 168 to 321 hp, but an EV6 GT that packs dual motors and makes 577 horsepower, 546 lb-ft of torque, and does a claimed 0-60 mph spring in 3.5 seconds. Add in world-class fast charging, a stylish design inside and out and (presumably) a value-packed price, and you’ve got one hell of an exciting proposition — one sure to grab buyers when it hits the streets in early 2022.


Minis are known for being hugely stylish and fun to drive, and thankfully the British brand has been able to carry over both of those traits into its EVs. So the Mini Electric feels brisk, involving and just as upmarket inside as the rest of the range. Though it’s not the most practical, and its 144-mile range limits its appeal, the Mini Electric is one of the most enjoyable and characterful electric cars on the market.


It would be impossible to compile a list of the best electric cars without including a Tesla. These models have undoubtedly helped to drive the EV market forward, while the brand’s dedicated Supercharger network continues to offer something that other marques just can’t.
The pick of the Tesla range is the best-selling Model 3, which combined a clean and modern interior with strong dynamics behind the wheel. Performance is also strong, while a Long Range version is able to do a claimed 360 miles from a single charge.