Electric Vehicle Talk Rewind: Going beyond the basics of EV charging

The first in a new series of interactive webinars hosted on behalf of the FASTER Project took place on Wednesday 20th April. Presented by acclaimed battery electrochemist and EV expert, Dr Euan McTurk (PlugLife Consulting) the webinar jumped head first into the issue of how to charge an electric vehicle, examining the various cables required and types of infrastructure available depending upon the charging location.

Joining Euan for the webinar were, Neil Swanson, EVA Scotland, Roland Krignen, Irish Electric Vehicle Owners Association (IEVOA), Mark McCall, EVANI and Robert Cazaciuc from SEAI.

The lively webinar opened with a discussion on Type 1 and Type 2 cables and panellists talked through the benefits and challenges associated with tethered and untethered chargepoints. Each of the guest panellists presented their thoughts on the infrastructure available for home charging, workplace charging and public charging networks and explained some of the financial incentives available for each. [Additional information on current regional incentives can be found here]

The panel discussed the differences between AC and DC charging and outlined the approaches being taken by the governments across each of the three FASTER Project regions to encourage investment in EV infrastructure.

The panellists responded throughout the live event to questions received from delegates – questions raised included what the panel’s thoughts were on the best payment options, how network operators can best address public charging ‘hogging’, whether the lower sounds associated with electric vehicles could pose a danger to the public and particularly those with hearing or sight impediments and whether the electricity suppliers in each jurisdiction have sufficient infrastructure in place to cope with the increase demand for EV charging.

A recording of the webinar is available to watch now and the second webinar in the series will take place on Wednesday 25th June at 8pm. Click here for additional information.